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Quality of Life


Enrich our lives by partnering with nonprofits, schools, businesses, and individuals to expand cultural arts, recreation, education, service, and leadership opportunities.

My commitment is to ensure that Livermore offers the quality of life our residents deserve. We have positive feedback from my previous tenure as mayor that I will build on. A poll in 2020 showed  that 93% of respondents rated Livermore as a great place to live and raise a family. I will continue the careful planning and sound leadership that keeps Livermore moving forward.




Parks are an important contribution to our quality of life and during my tenure the City approved four new parks in our town:

  • Stockmen’s Park - the first phase has been completed and I’ll support its future phases, as we celebrate our community’s ranching heritage

  • Livermorium Plaza - I was instrumental in the installation of this area that celebrates our city’s connection to science and innovation and I encourage everyone to visit

  • Veteran’s Park - I encourage you to participate in the public input to design our new Veteran’s Park which will be 30% larger than originally proposed

  • Cayetano Park - located near Las Positas College, this beautiful park includes ball fields, play areas, and trails for community enjoyment and demonstrates our valuable partnership with LARPD




I’m proud of my track record for protecting our beloved community character, and I have the skills to continue that protection.  Along with my fellow council members we:

  • Partnered with Livermore Downtown, Inc. to bring back the beloved 4th of July Fireworks Celebration in our award-winning downtown

  • Applied for and received Federal grants which allowed us to move our beloved train depot back to the railroad tracks where it was restored and now operates as a train station

  • Approved the Rotary Carnegie Park Bandstand

  • Preserved and approved the expansion of Blacksmith Square

  • Officially recognized and celebrated the 100th Anniversary of the Livermore Rodeo

  • Attended and celebrated Veterans’ Homecomings

  • Worked with the members of the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) to create and approve the memorial in front of Veteran’s Hall

  • Supported our nonprofits, fostering partnerships to leverage the community’s generosity

  • Advocated for the health of our wine country

  • Fostered a close relationship with our national laboratories, Lawrence Livermore and Sandia, and the NNSA




A thriving economy positively impacts our community. Local job growth is critically important to sustaining our quality of life. I pledge to continue to grow local jobs and businesses. I’ll ensure economic development continues to expand, using my knowledge, experience, and relationships with key leaders.

  • Innovation Tri-Valley - as a founding member of this organization, I help bring new industries to Livermore and to develop our local job force.

  • DayBreak Labs, formerly i-Gate - I was instrumental in launching this technology incubator that helps local entrepreneurs turn great ideas into great new businesses, creating local jobs.

  • Isabel Neighborhood Plan - I approved critically needed housing near transit in the this far-reaching plan

  • Transit Infrastructure - I worked with local and federal agencies to bring in over $600 million for transit infrastructure, key to accessing jobs

  • ValleyLink - I was a founding board member of the Joint Powers Authority that created ValleyLink, a future rail line which will remove over 30,000 cars per day from Highway 580




Art is so important to the character of our town. I pledge to continue to beautify and enrich our community and to encourage the many local artists who call Livermore home.

  • New Art - while I was Mayor,  the City Council approved a public art fee on new development, allowing our community art to grow

  • Public Art - During my term as mayor, 57 new pieces of public art were acquired at no public expense. These are placed throughout our City for everyone to enjoy, including the sculpture garden at City Hall.  Let’s keep this going!




Throughout my tenure as mayor, I collaborated regularly with the Superintendent of Livermore Schools and the General Manager of the Livermore Recreation and Park District (LARPD) to ensure that the children and teens of Livermore have access to the highest quality schools and programs.

  • Our city’s outstanding library system provides daily opportunities for youth of all ages to explore and learn. I’m especially proud of our highly popular Summer Reading Program. Our parks, our Farmers Market, and our downtown fountains provide places to gather and make memories.

  • Developing leaders among our youth continues to be a priority. Some of my most engaging conversations with Livermore residents have taken place when I visited our local schools. I listened when Livermore students shared their concerns about the toxic effects of vaping, and led the way for Livermore to be the first city to ban the sale of flavored tobacco products. My work with the Livermore Area Youth Advisory Commission (LAYAC) led to my work with the U.S. Conference of Mayors to initiate an anti-bullying campaign.

  • We partner with the Livermore School District and the Rotary Club of Livermore to introduce students to city government through Youth in Government Day. Each summer, we invite local teens to participate in the Teen Leadership Program that teaches them about civic responsibility and provides them with a hands-on internship in the City offices. I will ensure that Livermore’s participation in the District Attorney’s Justice Academy (DAJA) will continue.

  • I value the work of our local volunteers who offer opportunities for girls and boys to be involved in Scouts and other service organizations. I am honored to be part of Eagle Scout, Girl Scout Gold Award and Summit award ceremonies.

Mentoring and developing youth leaders for tomorrow will continue to be a priority.




As your public servant I value volunteers and contributions to collective efforts to help others.  In the past I expanded the Helping Hands Program and by partnering with churches, faith-based groups and residents, we created the annual “Livermore Community Service Day”.

  • As your next Mayor I will be bringing back the popular Community Service Day- which brings together over 1,000 volunteers to work on projects to benefit our community--afterward, the volunteers and families gather for a barbecue at Carnegie Park-I hope you can join us!

  • The Key-to-the-City Program for city residents to learn about all municipal operations was started under my leadership. When residents have a better understanding about how the City works, they become our best ambassadors.

  • Anti-Vaping Working with Tomorrow’s Leaders - I worked with parents, the Council and peer-groups at the high schools to create an anti-vaping and flavored tobacco ordinance to protect public health.

  • Livermorium Day was founded to commemorate the historic naming of an element after our City. Annually, in a partnership with our schools and our National Laboratories we celebrate the sciences and encourage our students to pursue STEM.

  • Let’s combat graffiti together!  G.L.A.D. to be in Livermore. I created the “Graffiti and Litter Abatement Daily Initiative” (G.L.A.D.). This resulted in a cadre of over 35 residents who have become graffiti fighters and encouraged all residents to pick up litter while walking their dogs or strolling about.




Just a simple example of how I keep community in the forefront of my leadership:  After LARPD discontinued the annual fireworks show, I worked to create a partnership between the City and Livermore Downtown Inc. to restore the annual display as a community event in our award-winning downtown. While the global pandemic prevented the display for the last two years, that important partnership continues and the fireworks will return to our downtown this year. I’m committed to our community and will continue to work on its best interests based upon community input.

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