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Public Safety


Ensure public safety by committing the training and resources that our first responders need

As Livermore’s Mayor I will continue to keep Public Safety as the top priority in the City budget with over 50% of the General Fund dedicated to supporting it. My father spent over 50 years in law enforcement and based on my own experience in city government I know just how crucial public safety is to our community.


Safety Accomplishments during my tenure as mayor


We must keep Livermore a safe place to live and raise our families. In the poll taken in 2020 at the end of my last term, 97% of respondents felt safe in their neighborhoods. More recently an independent analysis concluded that the Livermore Police Department was fair and unbiased in its interactions with the public.
As your Mayor, I will prioritize safety by sustaining the successful “Drug-House Nuisance Abatement” Ordinance to get drug houses out of our neighborhoods as well as the “Crime-Free Multi-Unit Housing” Ordinance to keep repeat offenders out of our community.
I have what it takes to get these important issues resolved. My track record:

  • I am a founding Board Member of the East Bay Regional Interoperable Communications System (EBRICS). Working with other regional mayors, and administrators in the Department of Justice, and officials in the State and Federal governments, tens of millions of dollars were leveraged to create a radio system that streamlines communications and increases public safety for over 30 public agencies.

  • I encouraged Livermore’s participation in the National Night Out Neighborhood Watch Program where neighbors work together to protect their neighborhoods.

  • I am a long-time supporter of the very popular Citizens Police Academy.

  • I prioritized Fire Station 9 to be rebuilt and modernized from the ground up.

  • To protect both residents and our police officers, police body cameras were introduced during my tenure.

  • I championed the construction of the new Emergency Operations Center to ensure that our first responders would have the tools and the training necessary during times of crisis to protect our community.

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